Structural Integration Studio

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI)

Structural Integration is a system focused practice incorporating deep manipulation of soft tissue and movement reeducation. Structural Integration aims to increase awareness and ease in the body by freeing areas of restriction and unwinding tension patterns in the soft tissue creating space for a new pattern to land in the body. Shannon is a graduate of  ATSI Structural Integration led by Thomas Myers in Walpole, Maine.

The ATSI 12 Series

The ATSI 12 series explores the structure and function-ability of the system as a whole. The 12 series is a process of unwinding restrictive patterns of use, while reorganizing the bodies soft tissue, restoring balance, renewing body intelligence and cultivating spatial awareness. Each session builds upon the previous and provides clients with a three dimensional understanding of their own topographical terrain.

The Anatomy Trains 12 series recipe begins with four sessions addressing the superficial lines, followed by four ‘core’ sessions and completes with four integration sessions.

The ATSI 3 Series

The Anatomy Trains 3 series can be approached as an introduction to the work of structural integration or as a tune up following the completion of the 12 series

The 3 series is more condensed exploration around the body. Rather than following the fascial lines, each session explores the body 3 dimensionally. Starting with the pelvic girdle, followed by the shoulder girdle and then completes with a session treating the spine.

What To Expect

Each ATSI session begins with a body reading evaluation assessing posture, gait and movement. Clients should come prepared with comfortable undergarments, bathing suits, or loose fitting shorts. Unlike massage, clients are active participants throughout the session. While engaged manually with the tissue, Shannon will call for small movements to help facilitate change in the tissue. In addition, you will periodically be asked to stand and walk to evaluate the change. Sessions can be sensationful, ranging from mild, medium to spicy.


90 Minutes – $160