Yoga Classes at the Bodhi Shop

Yoga at the Bodhi Shop

The Bodhi Shop dedicated to providing a safe, accessible and therapeutic space for any body or ability to cultivate a strong practice. Shannon had been practicing and studying the Ashtanga Vinyasa Method for 20 years. She is inspired and influenced by the method and it lays the foundation of yoga at the Bodhi Shop. Ashtanga Yoga is a system of yoga developed by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. This method follows a prescribed sequence of postures linked by breath (vinyasa).  The practice of Ashtanga is a therapeutic method of movement that can be adapted, either by adjusting the pace, intensity, frequency or modifying the shape of the asanas. In addition, the Bodhi Shop offers course series, workshops and clinics that are limited in size and offer a supportive environment for students to learn and evolve the practice of Yoga. The Bodhi Shop aims to offer a functional yoga practice that establishes structural balance and intelligent movement.

Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions are ideal for those interested in beginning or deepen a yoga practice with support from an experienced teacher. Working with a teacher in a private setting allows clients to address physical limitation and attain personal goals. Yoga is a form of therapeutic movement that can be beneficial in both preventing or rehabilitating from injury. The Bodhi Shop Specializes in helping students establish a home practice that can support them throughout the phases of life.

Private Yoga Rates

  • 60 minute Private Yoga: $100
  • Semi-Private Yoga (2-3 people): $135
  • Private Group (4+ people): $220

Monthly Yoga Class Offerings

These classes are limited in size, 4-5 participants. Preregistration required. No drop ins.


Guided Primary Series

In this class the group is guided through the traditional sequence of the Primary Series of ashtanga. The Primary Series links movement and breath (vinyasa) and is intended to strengthen and purify mind and body. This class is intended to be active and energetic. Some knowledge of vinyasa and/or the primary series recommended but not required.

Supported Primary Series

This guided class is restorative in nature and is a great compliment to an active practice or lifestyle. Unlike the active guided primary series, this class is a mostly passive practice.  Students are slowly guided through the seated sequence of primary series, with support from various blocks, bolsters and blankets. This class is designed to settle the Nervous System, reduce stress and tension and renew vitality.


No workshops are being offered at this time, sign up for emails to be notified of future offerings.

Past workshop offerings

  • Building a better backbend
  • Cha Cha Chaturanga: breaking down chaturanga, upward dog and downward dog
  • Cueing to the change: an adjustment workshop for yoga teachers.
  • Foundation First: establishing a strong practice through standing postures.
  • Flipping out and Finding flight: exploring Inversions and hand balances.

If you are interested in hosting Shannon at your studio for a workshop please contact via email at